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Contents Highly Addictive

It All Started With a Dream and a Great Recipe

And now you can find BarFly Salsa in many of Denver's best breweries. Voted Denver's Sexiest Salsa*

Want it in your brewery? Just get in touch.

*This claim is not substantiated in any way.

Sip < Chip < Dip < REPEAT!

Where to find BarFly Salsa

Bar Flies like me enjoy making the rounds to our favorite establishments to see old friends and make new ones.

Find us in these fine establishments:

Peak View Brewing Co

Living The Dream Brewing Co.

Lone Tree Brewing Co.

Halfpenny Brewing Co.

Resolute Brewing Co.

Max Taps

Grist Brewing Co. (HR location, dine-in only)

Crimson and Gold Tavern (DU Campus, dine-in only)

"BarFly Salsa is the perfect blend of heat and flavor. It pairs perfectly with any salsa-themed appetizer or meal, but I like it best with my morning eggs...DELICIOUS!"


"Because people like to say 'salsa'."

-Jerry Seinfeld

"Your uncle's salsa is good, dude. I could've eaten a gallon of it."

-Kid from Hudson's baseball team

"I could drink it like soup."

-My friend's mom, Nance

"It has an amazing kick to it."

-Daniel LaRusso